We know Poland is the best choice as a summer destination, but do you have any idea why? ESN Poland chose all the most important reasons for visiting our beautiful country. You can’t miss it! 


1. First of all, you won’t need much money! Remember that we are not in the euro zone, so you will have to exchange your currency to Polish Zloty (PLN).

2. We bet you won’t understand a thing! Polish is one of the hardest languages to learn, but can you imagine the satisfaction that you will feel after properly pronouncing our names?

3. Holidays during the summer are a wonderful idea. Beach, sun, a lot of time to relax and gather energy for new challenges in life. In Poland you can enjoy all four seasons and it’s truly magicial! If you are lucky enough you could even exeprience a Polish Christmas full of snow and temperatures as low as -30 degrees! Sounds like an adventure, right?

4. Pierogi? Bigos? Sernik? You have no idea what we are speaking about, right? We like to eat and even better… we love to cook.

5. “Gość w dom, Bóg w dom” is a very old Polish poverb that you can translate as “A guest in the house, is like God in the house”. We are famous for our hospitality. Our guests get everything they want or need and are treated as a family members. 

6. You will have the opportunity to meet our bison, the real king of Polish forests - żubr. About 800 European bisons live in Bialowieza Forest, the last remaining untouched primeval forest in whole Europe!

7. OK, maybe football is not our national forte, but we still have Lewandowski! Did you also know that our volleyball team is one of the world's strongest? 

8. No comment is needed.

9. We have everything you need to have a wonderful time! Mountains, sea and a unique culture.

10. Do you know that in the XVII century, Poland was the biggest country in Europe? There is a lot you still don’t know about us.