Leadership & Motivation:

Group dynamics, to see how teams are performing, what are the differents stage of a group and how we can have an impact on it.

Motivation, what are the motivationals factors in any team and how to use motivation tools for our members
Emotional intelligence, the importance of caring about our members emotions and understanding their effects.
Effective leadership, what kind of leadership suits best any situation.


In this track we will focus on interpersonal communication in order to improve the skills we have as ESNers working in teams and groups every day. We will start by understanding the fundamentals ofinterpersonal communication, which skills that are connected to it and how it is used in our daily lives. After that we will touch some of the subjects related to interpersonal communication such as conflict management and prevention, non-violent communication and intercultural understanding.

This track will be held in the style of non-formal education with interactive methods and we will go through different techniques and methodologies, as well as share what is used in our network. If you are interested in these topics and ready to step into different roles, view things from different perspectives and be challenged to think a bit deeper, then the Communication Track is waiting for you!

/Agnieszka Czarnojan, ESN UŁ