At the turn of May and June 2014 (29.05-03.06) the “ExchangeAbility training and MapAbility launching conference” took place in Brussels, Belgium. The participants came from all European sections to gain knowledge about disability and about events which can be organized by them as an ExchangeAbility coordinators in their home sections. There were four of us from Poland: Kasia from ESN UŁ, Monika from ESN UwB, Krystyna from ESN UW and Asia from ESN UEK. During the trainings we found out about the disability itself, we saw presentations from other countries (e.g. Greece or Germany) about the events which were already successfully organized there, we have also tried to come up with the new ideas and ways how to develop ExchangeAbility on regional, national and international level. During our last day in Brussels we took part into a conference about MapAbility – the subproject of ExchangeAbility; the conference was organized to present to our partners (European Association of Service Providers with Disabilities, UNICA – Network of Universities from Capials of Europe, European Network on Independence Living, and JACCEDE) the idea of MapAbility and the benefits of taking such actions – mainly to make a higher education more accessible for disabled people.

Text by Katarzyna Szemfel, ESN UŁ