Yet again on May 9th the most international town, Schuman’s town, came into being on Krakowskie Przedmieście street in Warsaw.

And yet again all the participants got the chance to see how Erasmus Student Network promotes cultural diversity – one simply could not miss the giant ESN flag we carried along the Old Town’s streets. But on this day we did not restrict ourselves only to representing the organization, many of us discovered hitherto hidden talents: some of us artistic ones while painting children’s faces; others those connected with sport and rivalisation whilst refereeing Fifa championships on PlayStation or a dart board competition.

The Parade did not lack in those craving sweets and we were there helping them with candyfloss. Apart from all those attractions we also provided the participants with information about ESN and the Erasmus Program. In ESN we believe in the promotion of cultural diversity and there is no better occasion for that than the Schuman’s Parade. Therefore we hope that next year we will meet each other once again on Krakowskie Przedmieście street. 




/Aleksandra Chudzik, ESN SGH