Karolina Mroczko
+48 885 800 830
Martyna Płucienniczak
National Representative
+48 795 599 780
Paulina Żywicka
+48 695 311 490
Pola Plaskota
Vice President
+48 696 562 562
Wiktoria Lachowska
Project Manager
+48 501 093 355

The Board of ESN Poland is the highest executive body of ESN and conducts all of the operational tasks, manages the network, and acts as a representative of ESN PL. The Board consists of at least the following members: a President, a National Representative, and a Treasurer, however, there are two non-obligatory, but statutory posts in the Board: a Vice President and a Project Manager. The number and types of posts in the Board is decided by the Council of National Representatives.

The main responsibility of the President of ESN PL is to manage the operational tasks of the association and the Board. It is also the President who represents ESN PL before third parties, especially before the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme and other student associations.

The National Representative (NR) is the voice of ESN PL in front of ESN International (also known as ESN AISBL). They actively participate in the Council of National Representatives and mailing groups’ discussions. It is also the role of the NR to promote the projects of ESN PL and to ensure good information flow between ESN AISBL and ESN PL.

The Treasurer’s task is to ensure financial liquidity of ESN PL. Among some of the responsibilities of the Treasurer are also staying in touch with the Accounting Office of ESN PL and taking care of trades settlements in relationship with banking operations of ESN PL. It is also the Treasurer who makes a budget plan for the following year and consults it with the Board and National Projects Coordinators.

The analysis and planning of future actions, including the expansion of the network or controlling the local recruitment process, are accordingly the tasks of the Vice President. It is also the Vice President who takes responsibility for the proper ESN visual identity and branding implementation, cooperation with the National Committees, and other administrative tasks.

The Project Manager (PM) acts as a supervisor for the National Projects of ESN PL and reports their actions to the Board and CLR. It is also the Project Manager’s role to secure and foster partnership opportunities of ESN PL and apply for grants for the National Projects development.