Board of Audit is a supervisory body of ESN Poland. It consists of 3 members, including the Head of the Committee whose duty is to oversee the Committee’s work. The responsibilities of the Audit Committee include both controlling and assessing the direction of ESN PL’s undertakings. The Committee’s audit conclusions are then to be presented to the National Board and the Council of Local Representatives. It is also the committee who applies to the CLR for the vote of approval for both the National Board and the Audit Committee. Moreover, the committee may act in an advisory capacity at the Board Meetings or put forward a motion of calling a CLR.


Michalina Mondrach

Paulina Żywicka

Kacper Borowiecki


Damian Piróg

Zuzanna Jarzębska

Natalia Kostrzewa



Agata Lech

Zuzanna Jarzębska

Michalina Mondrach



Anna Krysiuk

Zuzanna Jarzębska

Szymon Semper



Adrianna Skolimowska

Robert Banet

Filip Wypijewski