What do you value the most in life? Is it health? Well-paid job? Family of your own? Adventures? Money? Well, nobody would admit to it out loud, but everybody knows money is quite profitable in life. Still not it? Maybe friendship then? If the answer is yes, then you already have a clue what this article is about.



I believe that friendship is the most important kind of relationship of all possible. A true friend is a companion even if you are separated by distance and time. They are your family, but there’s not necessarily a blood relation. They make you smile or laugh through tears. You are able to talk all day and night, but when needed, you may also sit in quiet and simply be for each other. 




Today is 30th of July and exactly 63 years ago an “International Friendship Day” was established (for the first time in Paraguay). The date differs in some countries, but it doesn’t matter. What really matters is the fact that people love to celebrate their friendships. It is something that connects all of us, despite the color of our skin, origins, beliefs or age.


ESN does not only connect European universities. It enables students from more than 40 countries to feel part of a strong and colourful community, which contributes to bringing people together. ESN is created by around 15,000 active members from many sections supported by so-called buddies (together they make around 40,000 young people). In addition, every year around 350,000 international students take part in the exchange. It is undoubtedly an amazing way to make friends from so many different countries. 


There are a lot of possibilities to meet someone through ESN. For instance – the buddy program. Buddy is a mentor who offers help when you move for an exchange to another country. You can count on him in many difficult situations. If you’d like to know more about the project, remember to check out this article: https://esn.org/blog/magic-buddy-friendships.




Every section organizes its own cultural and integrational events. Tandems, concerts, sports happenings, parties… Just take your pick! It may turn out to be much more joyful to participate in one of those events than to stay in your room and watch series on Netflix (at least I heard it is!). 


Wherever you are and wherever your friends are – think about them today. Write “Good morning” or “Have a nice day”. Send flowers or invite for a coffee or a drink. Offer to go to the movies or for a walk! Or maybe just smile and remind yourself how lucky you are to have someone so close to your heart.


Happy International Friendship Day!


We have a message for those who are or were connected to ERASMUS+ project. If during your stay in another country or while being a member of your own ESN section you made a really good friend, but somehow, in the course of time, you have lost contact with each other, we truly want to help you re-connect. Feel free to tell us your story. Relations certainly are not easy, but if you think that there’s still a chance to create something worthy, give it a try! 

Write to us on contact@esn.pl and we’ll do our best to bring you two back together. It may be easier to let someone noninvolved to make the first step. We are here for you!


Written by Wioletta Koczwara (PR Committee of ESN Poland)