The Council of Local Representatives is the supreme authority of the Association. The CLR is represented by: regular members – representatives of local sections (with carrying vote) and support members, honorary members, and invited guests (with advisory vote). The CLR is convened at least twice each academic year by a member of the Board.

 Competencies of the CLR include, among others, defining the main directions of the Association's activity and development, adopting amendments to the Statute, passing the regulations of organs and regulations of the proceedings of the Association.

 The CLR also votes on the selection and dismissal of the National Board members and the members of the Board of Audit. In case of an ESN Poland member’s candidacy to the Board of ESN AISBL, the CLR approves it.


Local Representative and Vice Local Representative

Local Representatives and Vice Local Representatives speak for their Sections at the Council of Local Representatives and ensure the flow of information between the Association and the Section. They are elected for a one-year term by members of the sections who are also members of the ESN Poland Association.

 Delegates are entitled to vote at the The Council of Local Representatives (CLR), among others, over candidates for the ESN Poland Board.