FR Committee is a national committee which is in charge of fundraising. Its team members are a group of remarkably positive and creative people from almost every corner of Poland, each of them believing in one truth - money lies in the street, you just have to lean over to get it. They are the first source to contact for anyone who’s looking for new possibilities of developing the potential of one’s projects or of their financing. Regulations, applications or other formalities don’t scare them.

The main tasks of the Committee are monitoring and researching potential grants, submitting applications for them, taking care of meeting the deadlines for those applications as well as supporting the Project Manager of ESN Poland.

FR Committee also assists the local sections in fundraising activities and organises workshops aiming at popularising the topic of finances among the members of the Association. One of such practices is the recently initiated Business and Finance Conference with its II edition in 2017.


Magdalena Zajac
ESN UW Warszawa
Zuzanna Lech
Chair of the FR Committee
Natalia Kostrzewa
ESN AGH Kraków
Anita Młodzianowska
ESN UKSW Warszawa
Joanna Marczuk
ESN PW Warszawa
Hubert Put
ESN AGH Kraków
Magda Wiktoruk
Paulina Żywicka
ESN Gdańsk
Tomasz Kotowski
Supporting member
ESN PB Białystok
Bartosz Seidel
Supporting member
ESN UAM Poznań