Mov’in Europe is an international social campaign aimed at student communities. Its main purpose is to promote the notion of mobility and benefits of travelling around the world. 


Activities undertaken to support the mobility often concern the matter of stereotypes about foreign nations, cultures and religions. Fighting the wrong ideas and assumptions is the secondary goal of Mov’in Europe.


The depiction of the foreign students has also an impact on decisions regarding travelling abroad. Improving the image of the people studying in other countries as well as the Erasmus+ programme itself  becomes another collateral goal of the campaign. 


Why is it important to be involved in promotion of the mobility? 


Mobility influences one’s worldview.
Mobility broadens one’s mind.
Mobility changes lives. 


Many of us have had a possibility to experience the benefits of mobility. Therefore, we should all share our experience and background, give information about opportunities of travelling and motivate those who haven’t had anything to do with it.