Get to know Robert - Board of Audit of ESN Poland.
Get to know Monika - Project Manager of ESN Poland.
Happy Easter
Easter is one of the most important and oldest Christian holidays, which celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus.
Get to know amazing love stories with Erasmus+ Programme in the background.
ESN UJ organised a 6-day event with the goal of showing what is connected with going on an international exchange with the Erasmus+ program.
We have once again had the opportunity to participate in a large delegation in the National Erasmus+ Programme Information Day, which took place on January 12.
You’re probably wondering what could possibly surprise you during your Erasmus stay in Poland. It all depends on the distance between the place you’re coming from and Poland ;)
On December 5th, president of ESN Poland, Agata Lech, participated in celebrations of 30 years of Erasmus Program at the University of Lodz during the Academic Day of Diversity, which is a part of the University Diversity project.