Over 1000 students from all over Europe will visit the capital of Poland to participate in AGM Warsaw 2016, a conference organised by Erasmus Student Network. The meeting is to serve primarily as an international platform for thought exchange, which will foster tolerance, especially  amongst the youth.

The AGM conference gathers annually the most active students representing 500 Higher Education Institutions from 38 countries, and each year the event takes places in a different country. Having gone through the difficult recruitment process, the participants will be practising their linguistic and interpersonal skills  together with peers from all over the continent. Students of 11 universities from Warsaw have volunteered to organise the meeting.

The AGM will take place between 7 and 11 April 2016. Due to its international character, the conference usually excites the great interest of the local people, media and other various institution in every country. Each year the opening ceremony is attended by the leading representatives of the local authorities, such as heads of states and host cities. On top of the opening ceremony, the agenda of AGM also includes, among the others, plenaries, the Infomarket - European Higher Education Institutions Fair, various workshops, Flag Parade, EuroDinner, Farewell Gala and "AfterAGM" - a trip for the international guests to the most interesting places in Poland.

The initiative has been appreciated by Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the president of Warsaw, who granted her patronage to the event.  The AGM Warsaw 2016 has been also supported by international corporations, such as Google and Accenture.

The conference provides Poland with a unique opportunity to promote our culture and national heritage. Enabling for a meeting of so many young people from all around the continent, the AGM supports, at the same time, the exchange of the best practices regarding stimulating the youth, creating European identity and building up Europe's position as the world centre for culture and science.

As the key event of the EU programme of Erasmus+, AGM Warsaw 2016 will serve as an opportunity to recapitulate its up to now execution in every country and to exchange good practices in the field of supporting the programme.

Erasmus Student Network is the largest student organisation  in Poland and its local sections and members hold  a very important position among the rest European countries.Through a number of projects and programmes, the organisation significantly contributed towards the process of creating the sense of common identity and unity amongst young citizens of the Old Continent.