Between 7th and 9th March 2014 delegates and representatives of all polish ESN sections met in Gliwice for CLR, which was organized by ESN SUT .
Saturday, was the day of long hours deliberation. For that day, it was scheduled reports of national board, trainings with CapGemini and Future Processing and AGM panel. Previously, however, we had to integrate. That's why on Friday evening we went to the Gramofon, where we moved to Sicily to the kingdom mafia for ‘Mafia Party’.
ESN SUT took care of attractions, as the highlight of Saturday was Mine Party, which took place in mine called Guido.
However, on Sunday, we had to come down to earth and continue deliberations, because the subjects do not run out. The day began with the adoption the new section ESN UwB (ESN University of Bialystok) to ESN Poland. Then it was time, among others for reports of the national project coordinators such as SocialErasmus , ESNcard , Discover Europe , ESNOlympics and block of committees.
Weekend in Gliwice passed very quickly but in two weeks another opportunity to meet, this time in Gdańsk during UPgrade and KoMit.