At the end of August, fourteen representatives from ESN Poland participated in an international training project Edu8 T4T: Training for Trainers, which took place in a resort beautifully situated in the mountains of Trento, Italy.

The training conducted by coaches from various student organizations ran from 08.25 to 09.05 with participants from countries in ESN’s network such as Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia, and France, among others. The largest group of participants came from Poland. Two courses were held during the twelve-day training: for beginner Edu8ters and advanced trainers.

The trip unquestionably characterizes itself by the intensity of the classes, activities, newly formed connections, and most importantly, the vast knowledge that will soon be relayed by newly trained ESN members during conferences and trainings. If you are wondering how to get involved in such a project, the ESN Autumn Training is coming soon, so you will get a chance to feel the great power of unconventional education.