He might not be the life and soul of the party, but he is surely the heart of some most recent ESN events, and he’s always up to a good challenge. It may come to you as a surprise that Patryk, famous for his graphics skills, wasn’t a member of ESN till October 2016. What’s surprised Patryk, however, was that joining the organisation’s helped him discover his talent in graphic design.


Even though you decided to join ESN only about 7 months ago, your career has already flourished, hasn’t it?

That’s true, and I’m really enjoying what I do.


Could you tell me what made you join ESN during the first year of studies?

I guess I just went for it. I thought there was no use waiting for what the future might or might not bring, as simple as it is.


And how did you find out about ESN?

A friend of mine had told me about it even before I begun my studies; so, I decided to go to the first meeting with him.


You were the PR Manager in the OC of the Council of Local Representatives in Białystok. Were all the frozen-themed graphics made by you?

(chuckling) Yes, they were indeed.


After a while, you’ve joined the PR Committee. Is that about right?

Yes, it is. In the meantime, I was also at UPGRADE, but only as a participant. I was at the National Platform in Warsaw as well.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me now that you’re in ESN PB Białystok’s board.

(sniggering) I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m really not. Or not yet, at least, because soon I’m going to run for office. I could see myself as the PR of ESN PB Białystok, you know. As for now, there is none, and I think that we could use one.  


There’s no doubt about how busy your ESN life is. Was it a plan of yours to join a student organisation at the beginning of your studies?

Well, I wouldn’t say so. At the beginning, I’ve joined a few clubs to see what they are really all about, and then I’ve found out that ESN was the best choice possible. I love being surrounded by positive people, and that’s exactly what I’ve got here.


Could you tell me what motivates you, as a new member of ESN?

First and foremost, it’s the fact that people enjoy my work. It’s really exciting and motivating.


Isn’t graphic design what you study, perhaps?

No, not really... I am studying computer science, but graphic design is what I’m interested in, and I’d like to sharpen my skills in that field. There was a time when I was playing with the idea of studying something related to graphic design indeed, but I’ve decided to stick to what I’m doing.


So what is your next goal at ESN? How about ComCom? ;)

Well, I’m not really sure about that, or at least not at the moment. As I’ve mentioned, l’m going to run in elections for the Public Relations Manager at the local level, and that’s what I’m focusing on now. Then, I guess we’ll see what comes next.


Considering the last 7 months, in what ways have ESN benefited you so far?

From the personal perspective, I hope that it’s given me some lifelong friendships, that’s one of the things that matter the most. From the professional point of view, however, it’s the wide web of contacts and a great experience that I value the most. Thanks to ESN, I’ve learnt to write partnership offers and create graphics in Photoshop, the latter skill being essential for my personal development because I had never done that before joining ESN.


Is there someone in your local section who’s taught you to use Photoshop?

I’m self-taught, to be honest, and YouTube’s helped me a lot.


How did it happen that you became the local graphic designer in your section if you hadn’t had any experience in Photoshop prior to joining ESN?

I guess it’s down to the fact that graphic design is closely related to what I’m generally interested in. I really enjoy drawing, painting, and creating things in general. It was also my own decision to join the PR Committee.


What is it that you like the most about ESN?

It’s quite simple, and I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s people whom I’ve met here that make me love ESN and enjoy it to the fullest. I’m also really appreciative of the way the whole organisation works, and how much you can learn while being a part of it.


Interviewer: Izabela Szczerba

Tłum: Patrycja Płachecka