ESN UJ organised a 6-day event with the goal of showing what is connected with going on an international exchange with the Erasmus+ program. Each semester, every section within the Erasmus Student Network organizes a week-long Orientation week, for all incoming international students. It is focused on integration, getting to know new cultures and having fun together.

ESN UJ decided to reverse the roles, organising an Orientation Week for Jagiellonian University students and other Higher Education Institutions, who could have a taste of what it means to go on an exchange. The events which took place during the Euro Week allowed the participants to experience the other cultures, whether it be through flamenco dancing workshops, basic Italian lessons or a lecture where previous Erasmus students could talk about the culture shock of staying in another country. Students could also try various foods during the Eurodinner, and also experience the entertainment side of an exchange, taking part in an Erasmus House Party. The event could not go without integration through games, “meeting in the dark” or a Pub Quiz.

The event was to promote mobility, widen the knowledge of students on international exchanges and to interest them in such trips.