Like every year, also this spring ESN Poland Association met to discuss future of our network and to chose the new National Board.
We are proud to announce, that this time we collected almost the whole compostion.

Please warmly welcome the newly elected Board of ESN Poland association:
President - Anna Krysiuk (ESN PB)
Vicepresident - vacancy
Treasurer - Piotr Frankowski (ESN UG Gdańsk)
Project Manager - Bartosz Saidel (ESN UEK)
National Representative - Igor Pater (ESN Szczecin)

We wish our new authorities a good luck and the possibility to fulfill all of their postulates while still being a studius academics and precious friends.

After the elections, during the big gala ceremony, ESNstar prizes in 13 different categories were awarded among ESN sections and members. Prizes were founded by our partner, PZU.

Here are the categories:

  • Best Statutory Meeting
  • Best Chairing Team
  • Best Committee
  • Best Project
  • Most Active Delegate
  • ESNer with the biggest ESNspirit
  • Best Section Cooperation
  • Best Section
  • Best Project Coordinator
  • Best Mascot
  • Best Newbie Section
  • Most Supporting Alumni

Congratulations to all the winners!