The International Committee of ESN Poland (InterKom) was established in July 2012 to help the National Representative. 

Since 26.01.2014 the position Chair of the International Committee of ESN Poland is being occupied by Aleksandra 'Ola' Bogusz from ESN UŁ Łódź.

At the position of Chair, she replaced Krzysztof Podstawek, also from Łódź, but from ESN-EYE section.

From this place, we would like to thanks Krzysztof, widely known as 'Kris', for his commitment and work contributed to the development of InterKom, spreading the information about ESN International among Polish ESNers, but also informing ESN International about the acheivements of ESN Poland.

We would like to wish Ola a lot of success, a great cooperation with the committee members and a load of energy and motivation to equal or even exceed the predecessor :)

Also, a small reminder about the InterKom's tasks:

  • promoting international events from other countries in Poland and helping with registration
  • forwarding information and promoting international projects
  • promoting events and projects of ESN Poland on International level
  • taking care of the image of ESN Poland during international projects, events and conferences
  • forwarding e-mails from CNR mailing list to national level
  • forwarding information from ESN AISBL to ESN Poland
  • informing about achievements of Poles on international level via social medias.

More information on the committee's fanpage and [www].