1. What does ESN mean for you?

It won’t be really original - for me, ESN is people. Besides all the skills, knowledge and experience that ESN gives, people and friendships are the biggest award for all of us. Many of my ESN friends has ended their adventure here and yet, we still keep in touch. That is why being an ESNer means not having any expiry date. Even when the actual work ends, the friendships stay.

2. Why have you joined ESN?

I was just ending my Erasmus in sunny Spain where I was given a wonderful and helpful mentor. Little did I know about ESN back then. I got an email from our BWM at Białystok University of Technology saying that I could become a mentor myself. I came to the meeting because I wanted to share what I gained from my mentor in Spain. This way I learned that the Mentor programme was only the tip of the iceberg. I really enjoyed the energy, positive attitude, international community and foremost the possibility of doing something for others. In high school I was an active volunteer and missed the experience in university. This is how ESN became a response to my needs. I came to become a mentor, i became an ESNer.

3. Fun fact from your #ESNlife.

My whole ESN story is hilarious. I became the HR Manager in the Local Board of ESN PB after a month in the section. I also was the Chair of the PR Committee of ESN Poland never having been a PR in the local level. Moreover, let’s not forget about the fact that while going to the NP Poznań 2015 I was basically saying goodbye to ESN because I was finishing my mandate as the local Board of Audit and the PR Committee Chair and… I became the Vicepresident of ESN Poland. I think I have already got used to it, that the end is never the end. Not in ESN>

4. What has changed in your life since you’ve joined ESN?

My view at some things has changed. Europe and the world have shrunk thus travelling not only has become rest but also my way of living. I verified what i need and want from life. I can surely admit - everything has changed. I have changed.

5. What has ESN taught you?

I have always thought that you get what you take. I tried to stick to that through my activity in ESN. Because of that i wanted to reach things I didn’t understand or know how to complete - only to learn, experience on my own skin. It was worth the pain - I became more assertive, organised, tolerant and open-minded. I learned a bunch of things that technical studies would never offer me. I have met people with whom I could exchange experiences and knowledge with. That process of change is priceless.

6. If you were to be an ESN project, which one would it be?

I think I would choose SocialErasmsus. It was the first project that I was taking part in just a week after I had joined the section. Despite its failure - it was a big lesson regarding my further activities. I have always tried to share with others, to let them learn from my mistakes and be kind for each other. Like in SocialErasmus. By doing something for others, you do most of it for yourself.

7. Have you been on Erasmus exchange?
As I have mentioned earlier I was in Spain. Even though it was Gran Canaria in the beautiful Las Palmas I still had to study really hard. Nevertheless, it was an amazing, unforgettable time!

8. Your favourite place on the planet is…?

My favourite place does not have coordinates. Even though I studied Architecture and Civil Engineering I definitely prefer nature to decorative concrete. My favourite place is without rush, where the sun shines and where your people are.

9. Your favourite word?

Education, mobility, kindness, challenge. If i had to choose one I would go for positive. Positive people have it easier in life :)