1. What does ESN mean for you?

Friendship, fun, countless memories, travels, but mostly thinking outside the box and doing something more than just studying.

2. Why have you joined ESN?

The story behind me joining ESN is mostly boring and the same as for most. It happened by accident. I was preparing for my finals, first semester of my studies (thanks to ESN it was the only semester I was actually studying), and someone from another year posted on our Facebook group inviting us all to fill out a form and join ESN. Before I started studying, I had talked with my cousin and she’d been telling me how wonderful it is to be in a students organization or a study-related-club. Firstly, I was going to join a dietitian club in my department, but they were not really active, so I gave up and decided to read about this ESN. So I went on and read everything I could find about ESN SGGW and about ESN in general. While reading, it struck me that it looked exactly like something I had “invented” while I was an exchange student in High School. The difference was that there were only 8 of us and I named it “Exchange Club”. How innovative, right? ;) After finding all the information I needed, I decided to fill out the form and give it a try, since I was really missing my multicultural life that I had gotten used to while living abroad.

3. Fun fact from your #ESNlife.

Ah, giving a fun fact is not as easy as one might think. There are many of those, but I will keep most for some other time ;) The one I will share is that almost half of my OC has never officially agreed on being in it. Well... one might say there’s no saying no to me! Haha

4. What has changed in your life since you’ve joined ESN?

One thing for sure, I have less time for my friends and family since I travel a lot and there is always something to do. However, I have learned how to manage my time better and be more diplomatic in many cases and have a filter between what is on my mind and what I say.

5. What has ESN taught you?

It has taught me little bits from every field we have in ESN. Now I know how to talk with a partner, create a cover photo, manage a national project, lead a group of leaders, keep my nerves in check and much more.

6. If you were to be an ESN project, which one would it be?

I would be ExchangeAbility. I am a disabled person myself and I believe that I am a living proof that disability cannot stop us from anything. ExchangeAbility was the only project I wanted to be a coordinator of in my local section and I probably would have been one, if I would not have become a board member so quickly. 

7. Have you been on Erasmus exchange?

Unfortunately, not yet. I have chosen ESN and the positions I was carrying over leaving for Erasmus, but I hope to be going soon. I am thinking about Italy, so fingers crossed it will work out!

8. Your favourite place on the planet is...?

I will come across as an indecisive person, which I am not, but there are many places I love, for many different reasons. Although, thinking about my ESN journey made my think about a place it all semi started with, so I must go with it. My favorite place on the planet would be Maple Valley, a town I lived in and went to HS while being an exchange student. This place was my whole world for a year, and for last 4 years has kept a piece of my heart. My “American family”, our lifestyle and the overall feeling of this place makes me carefree, relaxed and happy. Fun fact about this place: my family has an alpaca farm, and alpaca is also a mascot of my section.

9. Your favourite word?

Cockadoodledoo. The sound that rooster makes according to English speaking people. It is the most ridiculous and funny sounding words I have ever heard, so maybe that is why it became my favorite.