1. What are the most valuable skills you have gained through your activity in the Erasmus Student Network?
Each of us has joined ESN with a package of various skills, experiences and expectations. I thought it would be an interesting adventure since I am curious about the world. This is why ESN seemed perfect to broaden my horizons. Due to my activity in ESN I could take care of many projects, on local and international level. This enabled me to develop the skill of looking at problems from a different perspective. I also got to know how to unite groups with various expectations. However, i think that primarily the most valuable thing i gained in ESNare contacts that emerged into true friendships.

2. Did ESN impact your career and life after graduation? How?
Of course it did! ESN has allowed me to develop in many aspects, both when it comes to my career and personal life. Starting from ease in speaking with foreigners (and I do that everyday as a part of my job), the ability to tie down loose ends logistically in a chaotic and ever-changing environment and ending with managing a team consisting of people from different countries.

3. If you were an ESN project, which one would you be?
If I was to identify myself with one of ESN’s projects, it would be a very hard choice. On one hand, it could be the international ESNcard, as for 2 years I was a part of the team that developed the whole concept (especially when it was the flagship project of ESN). Once again, it had shown me that people from different backgrounds with various levels of experience can build a supporting group, that fulfills preset goals and nothing can stop them. On the other hand, it still amazes me that Hel(l) Surfin’ and Sailing trip maintain the highest quality year by year, even though people come and go.

4. ESN for me is…
People, a community - without people there would be no organisation. Everything started with them and is still going on because of them. Friendships of all kinds can last for a very long time and this is what I wish for everyone! What confirms my opinion is the fact that my closest friends come from ESN. I have been with them through a lot, and I know that I can always count on them (and they can count on me).

5. Is it worth to be active in a non-profit organization (student organization)?
For me the question isn’t - if it is worth to be active in a student organization - it is “when to start”. My answer always was and always will be: no matter which student organization we pick, we should join it as soon as possible. Being a part of an organization allows us to gain amazing experiences, that no studies in your motherland or abroad can compare to - but it will only be possible if we give it 120%.

6. An interesting fact from your life in Erasmus Student Network
I could come up with many stories from my ESN life - some for a bigger audience, others for a smaller one. One that stands out in my memory is connected with National Platform Wrocław (2013). Two months before the NP I cancelled my Erasmus in Barcelona and decided to run for National Board of ESN Poland. Though, before the meeting and my mandate I couldn’t be sure of my decision, after a year with the best Board: Marek Sokołowski, Mateusz Sowała, Aleksandra Datta, Natalia Raczyńska, Damian Bulira, I was sure that I made the best possible choice. I didn’t regret it for even a minute and I’m so thankful for being a part of this amazing team. We’re still friends, staying in close contact.