1. What does ESN mean for you?
Since march 2014 ESN means a huge opportunity to self develop. I have acquired here numerous skills which helped me to get my job. :)
Moreover, ESN is my inspiration. I meet here motivated people who propel me to work harder. I am really surprised how awesome things people do, what amazing activities they lead.

2. Why have you joined ESN?
Because somebody told me: “You need to try it. It is like a drug!” And this is true. I need to confess that I am not disappointed. To become an ESNer was one of my best decisions.

3. Fun fact from your #ESNlife.
It is not a fun fact, but rather the most marvellous situation which happened to me during my cadency as head of PR Committee of ESN Poland. Because of my position, I was leading PR paths during UPGRADEs and also some Small Session during our Council of Local Delegates or National Platforms. After one year of training people, ESN Poland decided to award me a second prize for the best trainer. It was a vital achievement for me and I felt like never before.

4. What has changed in your life since you’ve joined ESN?
My character was changed. I have become more quiet and calm. I have also more resources of patience. I have become a more reliable person who always thinks twice before acting.
I appreciate my behavior and I am thankful to ESN for that.

5. What has ESN taught you?
That we need to believe in people and appreciate their ideas. Always.

6. If you were to be an ESN project, which one would it be?
It would probably be the National Erasmus Games. I love being in a rush. My life changes dynamically, like a sports game. I still take risks because in my life there is not so much space for waiting. :)

And I feel like a volleyball libero - I am a person who is responsible for a game, the game which is called my life.

7. Have you been on Erasmus exchange?
No, but I would really like to. In June I finish my master degree, but maybe I will try some internship. :)

8. Your favourite place on the planet is...?
My family home. With my mother’s cake, with my father’s jokes and my animals. I like that moments when I am there. I can calm and slow down. I am able to relax and feel jauntily.
I really value every nice moment in my life, but spending some time with my family is one of the best moments.


9. Your favourite word?

I do not have a favourite word. Instead I have a sentence which accompanies me since I joined ESN in 2014: 'The sky is the limit', and I believe in that sentence. In ESN you can do whatever you want - you can help International Students, you can be a trainer. Also you have an opportunity for self development in every path you want. Finally, you can be a Project Manager of ESN Poland, lots of awesome possibilities!

But in your life you can also fulfill your dreams. And I recommend you - dream about your future, about your perfect life and make that happen, because "sky is the limit"!