1. What does ESN mean for you?

For me ESN means just great people. With those people also the best opportunities, stories and challenges come along.


2. Why have you joined ESN?

My story in ESN begins twice. Even before I went to the university I had known about Erasmus Programme and wanted to go for an exchange. I found out existence of ESN on my own and did not know anybody there. In my first week at the uni I went to the ESN office to get some info how to go for an exchange but they told me it was too early for me to apply. Sometime later I was thinking what I could do at the uni since I was simply not happy about only studying without any deeper fulfillment. It crossed my mind I might come back to that office and join ESN what actually happened and lasts even today.


3. Fun fact from your #ESNlife.

Once I bet with ESN Poland that if ESNOLYMPICS wins the title of the best student project of the year in some big competition for all greatest student organisations in Poland I would cut my big and fluffy hair I used to have. That was not really feasible to happen but it engaged literally all of us to vote as well as to push others to do so and finally to everyone’s surprise we won and I cut my hair supershort.


4. What has changed in your life since you’ve joined ESN?

It would be easier to say what has not! I think I changed not only my general approach to many things, state of soft skills I try to constantly develop or some behaviours but even my clothing and physical appearance. I don’t study any longer but work, can’t travel that much, I moved several times, stopped using sugar at all and don’t wear any colourful wristbands or dunk shoes.


5. What has ESN taught you?

Besides several certain aforementioned aspects I would mention many small important things you will not learn from any school but you will need them anytime! These unnamed things are still underestimated but are crucial because only thanks to details you may build the top quality.


6. If you were to be an ESN project, which one would it be?

Definitely ESNcard! I used to be a coordinator of this project both in ESN Poland and ESN International. I feel I had successfully helped the project to grow bigger and also I participated in building a very first team in ESN International. Nevertheless, if ESNcard was booked by somebody else I would go for International Erasmus Games since I love football and worked in the project from the very beginning.


7. Have you been on Erasmus exchange?

Yes and not. Technically speaking I have never been to any Erasmus exchange but I have experienced both studying and working abroad. During my masters I went for a student exchange to National University of Singapore. Moreover, I started my graduate work within global trainee program thanks to which I also had a chance to work abroad on a traineeship in my company’s world headquarter. Due to some circumstances I believe I would definitely never achieved both without ESN.


8. Your favourite place on the planet is...?

The place where I meet people I know well and I feel the best with. Geographical location then does not matter that much but I would rather the weather was good there.


9. Your favourite word?

Challenges. That was important in my ESN journey to once learn a lesson, fully engage, accept the challenges, achieve them and search for the next ones. I still try to do it every day in any aspect of my life.