1. What does ESN mean for you?

ESN means sleepless nights, hours spent in trains, buses and at airports. ESN is frequently being absent at work and university, treating home like hotel. By the way, it has been the last five years of my life, a lot of life and professional experience, knowledge, incredible memories, many friends and the constant need for change and moving forward.


2. Why have you joined ESN?

I joined ESN by accident. Information about recruitment notices somewhere in the Internet by a friend who later had nothing to do with ESN, the then HR Manager in the section, who later turned out to by my neighbour, a group of people, whom I immediately liked and the desire to do something more than just university projects. I got so quickly into it. Apparently, it is not easy to let it all go.


3. Fun fact from your #ESNlife.

I have my own song in ESN. Besides, because of the association I have become a mind engineer instead of prostheses and tissues.


4. What has changed in your life since you’ve joined ESN?

My perception of the world and people around has changed. So has my perception of myself. There is a lot at hand if we only work for it. I know by experience that no matter where you land, you will always make it to the end. I decided that I want to do something different in life which I am very glad of.


5. What has ESN taught you?

Solving problems that are from the beginning thought of as failure, working with impossible teams, communication with anyone whenever needed. Not to mention such skills as doing both, packing half of your wardrobe into carry-on baggage, making your last for 48 hours or the ability to squeeze eight hours of sleep into four.


6. If you were to be an ESN project, which one would it be?

If I were to be an ESN project, I would be Eduk8. ESN has allowed me to develop my passion to teaching others and broaden others’ horizons by informal education. Surely, I would be a teacher if I weren’t an ESNer. Guess what subject I would teach ;)


7. Have you been on Erasmus exchange?

I haven’t had the possibility to try the Erasmus adventure so far. Fortunately, the perverse fate has given me a chance and during my sixth (sic!) year I will use it! I’m very curious how it is to be on the other side of ESN and which ‘type of Erasmus’ I will be.


8. Your favourite place on the planet is...?

My heart is divided into two places: my home city - Kraków and any place in Italy. Happily, there is a direct connection between these two.


9. Your favourite word?

‘Hey’ (PL. cześć) - it’s the beginning of and later it might change a lot in life, for better obviously.