1.  What does ESN mean to you?
To me ESN is the countless hours spent on calls and in trains. It’s every planned post, event graphic, conferences, meeting and emails from ESN Poland. ESN is also all the FB group chats, extension cords at the platforms, an amendment to an amendment and the elections. ESN is the people who supports each other and stick together through thick and thin. 

2. How did your ESN adventure start?
At the beginning of my ESN career it was hard to start taking part in any project. Because of that my freshers period had been extended. It made me put my back into the game, I attended an Upgrade and the rest is history.  I coordinated EA and DE locally. Then I joined the association, then the PR committee, then I helped organise NP Wroclaw and became the section’s delegate. 

3. How did ESN change your life? Why have you joined it?
I knew about the Erasmus exchanges back in high school. I took part in Comenius (in Budapest). It made me realise that I have to go on an exchange like this once again. I was always pretty open but during my first semester in a city 600 km away from my home town I wasn’t able to find myself. I found ESN during the second semester. I thought that studying in my faculty I won’t be able to learn too much in a student society but ESN gave me new opportunities to develop in many very important fields that I hadn’t had a clue existed.

4. If you were an ESN project, what would you be?
Discover Europe was the project that I have coordinated locally. I believe that it has a lot of potential. 

5. #FunFact about a life in ESN.
During my exchange in high school (so quite some time ago) I met a girl from Aveiro. Last year she did an Erasmus+ exchange in Wroclaw and right now she is a president of a local section in Aveiro. Small world! 
There was one time that I overslept and nearly didn’t make it on the train that was to take me on to a platform. I caught it last second (I was riding a bike to the station). One time I lost a beret.

6. Did you go on the Erasmus+ exchange? / What is the most interesting experience you had so far?
I have never been on an Erasmus+ exchange but I plan to do it during my MA (or maybe even sooner - during an internship). 

7. What inspires and motivates you the most?
My studies are about looking for inspiration. I know it can be found everywhere. That’s why I try to listen to different kinds of music, visit different places and discover different cultures. I don’t always feel fully motivated but I never give up easily.  My biggest motivation in ESN are the new embers - and watching them grow. They  don’t know yet what’s coming!

8. Favourite place in the world?
Let’s put it shortly - my bed wherever it’d be. 

9. Did ESN help you discover some things you didn’t know you were good at?
Yes. I’d never expected that I would learn the ways of PR but as it turned out I’m pretty interested in it and like doing it! What’s more I’ve gained loads of soft skills which I would never gain at work. Now I know a lot more about any law and finance, which were never my thing. I’ve recently noticed that the progressing automations of the platforms, their time management and IT can help me develop even more.