Coloursblack - czarny /tchar-ni/
•white - biały /bee-ah-wi/
•gray - szary /sha-ri/
•red - czerwony /chair-vo-ni/
•blue - niebieski /nyeh-bee-es-kee/
•yellow - źółty /zhoh-ti/
•green - zielony /zhieloni/
•orange - pomarańczowy /po-mar-an-cho-vi/
•pink - różowy /roo-zho-vi/
•brown - brązowy /bron-zho-vi/

The national colours of Poland, defined in the Polish constitution, are white and red. The white colour represents the eagle and the red colour - the shield. The flag of Poland consist of two horizontal stripes of equal width, the upper one white and the lower one red. In heraldry - the study of the coats of arms - white colour traditionally symbolises silver, water, purity and virginity, wheras red is the symbol of fire, courage and gallantry. The 2nd of May is the official Polish Flag Day.