• Hi! - Hej! /hey/

Shorter version of “cześć”.

  • Hello! - Cześć /tcheh-sh-ch/

This is a bit informal way of greeting somebody. It’s fine to use it to your friends and family members, but not so much when speaking to people who are older than you, or during business meetings (offices, banks etc.). It may be alo used to say “bye”.

  • Welcome - Witam /vee-tahm/

Used when greeting guests at your place.

  • How are you? - Jak się masz? /yahk sheh mash/

Informal way of greeting somebody, can be used after “cześć” or “hej”.

  • Good morning! - Dzień dobry! /jayn DOH-bri/

Formal way of greeting somebody when you meet them for the first time, or it’s a business meeting (offices, banks etc.). It is more versatile and can be used also in the afternoon, but it means then "Hello", as Polish doesn't have an equivalent of "Good afternoon".

  • Good evening! - Dobry wieczór! /DOH-bry VYEH-choorh/

Formal way of greeting somebody after the sun has begun to go down, but before it has got complete dark.

  • Goodbye - Do widzenia /doh veed-ZEN-yah/

It means “see you”. It’s a formal way to say goodbye.



  • In Poland respect is an important concept when it comes to socialising with other people. We tend to be very formal. While speaking to somebody, who is not your family member, friend or classmate, it’s safer to address them as “Pan” (Mr.) or “Pani” (Miss).
  • First meetings are important. In Poland, when we meet somebody we shake hands and maintain the eye contact. Remember, it’s the same for girls! Do the same when saying goodbye.
  • We still kiss on cheeks! We do it 3 times (start with right cheek, then on the left, then on the right again) but it’s a little old-fashioned way of greeting, reserved mostly to family members.
  • When you are a guest at somebody's place, it’s consider polite to bring a small, but not very expensive gift. It can be flowers, sweets or alcohol. The host should  introduce you to everybody, but if not, you should do it on your own.
  • Kissing hands to greet women it’s a very old-fashioned custom. You don't do that at a party and you don't do that during business meetings. But if you want to impress a girl, you can try it :-) Don’t lift the woman’s hand up to your lips! Bow down and kiss her hand delicately.