AGM Thessaloniki 2019 was held from 18th to 22nd of April. The annual tradition that takes place at the end of the meeting is called STARawards. It is a gala during which ‘ESN Oscars’ are given out to reward all the best performances of countries and local sections of ESN.

This year 26 countries submitted their applications. ESN Poland has sent the biggest number - 62 out of 385 applications.  We are extremely happy that both ESN Poland and a few of our local sections were called out eleven times during the gala. Thanks to the number of awards we won, we can now call ourselves one of the leaders in the competition.
We are extremely pleased to announce the list of this year’s winners from ESN Poland:

  • creativeSTAR: ESN-EYE Łódź, 1st place
  • networkSTAR - ESN UEK, 1st place
  • educationSTAR - ESN Poland, 2nd place
  • ESNshowcaseSTAR - ESN UJ, 2nd place
  • fundraisingSTAR - ESN AGH, 2nd place
  • mobilitySTAR - ESN-EYE Lodz, 2nd place
  • employabilitySTAR - ESN UJ, 3rd place
  • environmentSTAR - ESN-EYE Lodz, 3rd place
  • fundraisingSTAR - ESN UKSW, 3rd place
  • healthSTAR - ESN-EYE Lodz, 3rd place
  • networkSTAR - ESN PW, 3rd place

Every and each one of the STARawards is a huge honour and a motivation to achieve the best in the future!