Responsible Party was brought to life as a sustainability and responsibility initiative of  Pernod Ricards, one of ESN's partners. The project is realised by the majority of ESN countries. The main purpose of Responsible Party is to promote responsible drinking among young people. The concept is based on the idea of informing students about the consequences of excessive drinking and guiding them in terms of responsible drinking.
 The main ideas which the RP tries to convey to students are: 
moderate drinking
don't drink and drive  
resist peer pressure 
food is your friend 
alternate alcohol and soft drinks consumption make it easier to control your own comfort. 
ESN can reach not only Erasmus students but also potential future Erasmus+ students and those who are already at the international universities. 
In Poland, the main goals of Responsible Party are preventing and making students aware of dangers related to irresponsible alcohol consumption. ESN Poland delivers educational presentations before parties; we also provide water and responsible drinking-related gadgets during events.
Our official hashtags are #BustTheHangover and #WiseDrinkin