Pub quiz

This semester Pub Quiz is a cyclical event, it takes place every two weeks. During the event participants have an opportunity to learn through play. We always organise two quizzes: one about chosen country and the second one, which is more free-floating, but still including some elements of different cultures. During the event (7.11.2017) we were playing a quiz about France, Spain, Portugal and about the food. Our quizzes are made by kahoot, which we think is more attractive and easier to hold with a big amount of participants. Before every event, Erasmus students have a chance to vote for topics which suit them the most. By every next event, there is more participants, what shows that this form of pub quiz is a good solution. On the whole event we worked much more earlier, we had a lot of different ideas from which we created the final version.

Because we organised “2in1” event, the second part was Language Tandem in which you could talk in specified language sitting by the prepared tables with native speakers. Such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, which are languages most popular among Erasmus students who are in Wrocław. Moreover, we organized a Polish table. For begginers we printed some basic sentences. In each set you could find one funny phrase. Further, Tandem was enriched by snacks from different cuisines. 

Whole event, organised as a part of Mov’in Europe project was not only a perfect part of celebration of 30th birthday of Erasmus+ programme, but also promotion of mobility, student’s exchange abroad, multicultural cooperation and learning different languages. 

What was very surprising for us - the number of participants was more than we expected - we barely fitted in! 

translated by Klaudia Kubicz