The Radio Show "Hugs Online" - Social Work, ESN UMK Toruń

Being the local coordinator of the SocialErasmus project, I left for short-term voluntary service within the European Voluntary Service programme framework. This is a very important information because my volunteering duties in Bulgaria have resulted in the creation of our project. One of my tasks within the EVS was, among other things, participation in radio broadcasts called "Hugs Online", presented by the Centre for European Initiatives in Stara Zagora. Every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Polish time with other volunteers (from Ukraine, Iceland, Portugal, Hungary and Lithuania) I discussed the reality surrounding us. During the last week of my stay, I got the chance to conduct such a broadcast in person. The idea for the programme to touch the subjects of social work, social problems and ways of addressing them in an international context was born very quickly. The day before the show itself, the idea of ​​engaging foreign students from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, my home section, came to light. In consultation with the President, an event was created on Facebook, where for one day international students were able to ask their questions. I chose 6 out of 15 questions. At the end of Tuesday's broadcast, I answered the questions with other volunteers involved. Collaboration has been a great opportunity to broaden knowledge and awareness about mobility and the Erasmus+ program, which combines EVS and student exchange. Several factors contributed to this. First and foremost, the volunteering I participated in, a lot of interest in the show and the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme. The project is not periodic, but some students still listen to EVS volunteers from time to time.

Magda Zielińska - local coordinator of the SocialErasmus project