HR Committee is mainly in charge of what is the most important in ESN – its members, both on the local and national level.
The Committee supports local HRs through the "HR buddy of the section" project, in which members of the Committee share their knowledge and training materials, offer advice and a helping hand. Besides, the Committee prepares and develops guides that might be of help for the local sections and the national projects. As a form of taking care of sharing knowledge in the HR area with the members of the Association, we have established a platform “HRelp desk” where we present solutions for multiple problems of the local sections, the exchange of good and verified experiences and any information on the possibility for self-development. The Committee also looks after the coordination of the Mentoring Programme. The programme is directed at a partner-like relationship between a mentor and a student with the emphasis on discovering and developing the student’s potential and skills. Moreover, the Committee also creates the evaluation of the statutory and workshops meetings. In order to keep an eye on the continuous development of the members of the Association, a database of international and online trainings and workshops has been established. It provides an opportunity to develop your skills without even leaving your house.
Our motto is “One who does not advance is rolling in the deep.”