ESN Poland Association has granted a honour membership for a big contribution in development of the Association to the following members:


  • Member of the first Board of ESN Poland in 2003-2004 as a member responsible for Fundrising, including work on writing the statute ESN Poland
  • OC President of NP in Krakow in October 2003
  • The Chair of the Audit Committee of ESN Poland 2004/2005
  • Representative of ESN Poland at AGM Helsinki 2004 and AGM Gdańsk 2005
  • Chair of the AGM Meeting 2005
  • President of ESN UJ Krakow 2003-2005
  • Years of successive collaboratoration with Boards in the role of advisor
  • ESN ID Project Coordinator at the Jagiellonian University in 2003
  • Discover Europe at the Jagiellonian University in 2004
  • Activity for the ESN at Petrus Communication in Paris


  • The President of ESN Poland in 2003-2005 including work on writing the statute ESN Poland
  • National Representative in 2003/2004
  • Representative of ESN Poland at many AGMs and NPs
  • President of the OC AGM Gdańsk
  • The President of ESN Gdańsk 2002-2006
  • The Chairman of the Audit Committee 2005-2006
  • Member of Student Bologna Attorneys


  • Member of the National Board of ESN Poland 2004/2005 as a Treasurer
  • Representative of ESN Poland at AGM Helsinki 2004 and AGM Gdańsk 2005
  • President and Founder ESN SGH
  • Initiator and coordinator of the first ESN ID in Poland
  • Member of the First Team creating ESN ID card on the international level in 2004
  • Member of the Audit Committee 2005/2006
  • Representative of ESN Poland at many AGMs and NPs


  • Participant of second NP, which was held in Krakow (October 2003)
  • Member of the first informal board of ESN as a Liaison Officer (October 2003 - February 2004)
  • ESN SGH Delegate at the AGM in 2004 in Helsinki
  • Member of the Board of ESN Poland as a Liaison Officer (February 2004 - February 2005)
  • President of ESN Poland (February 2005 - February 2006)
  • Co-initiator of the project Student Bologna Attorneys
  • Has succeeded in registering the ESN Poland as a legally operating association (after a long period of struggle)


  • Graduate of the Rzeszów and Jagiellonian Universities. Member of ESN UJ 
  • Since 2006, member of the Board of ESN Poland for PR from April until December 2008, at the same time the Polish Coordinator for the 10th Anniversary of Erasmus programme in Poland.
  • Polish Coordinator for Social Erasmus between 2008 and 2010. Along with Magda Pawelczyk she turned Social Erasmus into an international project
  • As the Society's Alumna she would like to support 'post-University' mobility (for graduates), expand Alumni's competences (trainings, courses etc.), back ESM members in their endeavours to improve their competences (trainings, courses etc.) and transfer their knowledge, support professional and social contact networking among the current and former ESN members, promote the ideas of mobility, especially the Erasmus Programme in academic, commercial and political societies, to promote the idea of an inter-cultural dialogue and mutual respect among generations.
  • Member of ESN Gdańsk; since 2003 had a chance to take part in laying the foundations together with founder Michał Zasada.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of Discover Europe ( 2003 )
  • Treasurer of ESN Gdańsk (since May 2004) - her main task was to take care of the settelment of AGM 2005 in Gdansk and many other minor and major projects, including the first national event for Erasmus students - Sleepless Party (June 2004) .
  • Section President ( January 2006 - May 2007 ); she received a well-deserved statuette for her section as a "Section of the Year 2005"
  • Prepared Fun(d) raising Conference in Gdansk , which was the second edition of this series of workshops after Vienna and took place on 7-10 September 2006 .
  • On the National Level she was a  Treasurer for 2.5 term (February 2006 - April 2008). During her mandate she was preparing and drawing plans for the twentieth anniversary of Erasmus Programme and the Tenth Anniversary of Erasmus in Poland, worked on grant applications and accounted subsidies .
  • Actively participated in most of the CLRs and  National Platforms of ESN Poland . She conducted workshops and training during statutory meetings and Świeżynki.
  • She represented the Polish ESN at all AGMs between 2005 and 2008 . She has devoted the entire studies period to the development of the organization and to help foreign students.


  • Secretary ESN Poland (2005/2006)
  • President of the Association (2006/ 07)
  • Member of the Audit Committee (2007/ 08)
  • Thanks to him changes of the Statute of the Association were made
  • He has served to improve cooperation between national sections , believing that the ESN can accomplish doing larger projects on the national level
  • Contributed to the development of cooperation with the National Agency - it laid the foundations for granting by Association the first major funding intended for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Erasmus Programme in Europe. Another big success was preparing the ground for further funding from the NA for the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of Erasmus Programme in Poland.
  • Led to the establishment of Council of National Delegates (CND) by ESN International  as a cooperation platform between national levels of ESN , which was ultimately voted at the AGM in Prague in 2007,
  • Continues to participate actively in life of ESN Poland, offering advice and expertise


  • Member of the Audit Committee (2007/2008)
  • Even though he was never formally a member of the Association he has a huge impact on its functioning as a supporting member for several years,
  • He has always prompted, directed, explained. Those actions as well as professional knowledge and patience has enriched all activities of three previous boards and their members, and thus affected the whole association.


  • Member of the Board for HR of ESN Łazarski (2007-2008)
  • President of ESN UW in 2010
  • National Representative (2008-2009)
  • Member of the Audit Committee (2011-2012)
  • Training Coordinator (2007-2008) and (2011-2012)
  • Education Officer ESN Polska (2013-2014)
  • Founder and Firts Chair of Communication Committee ESN Int. (2009-2011)
  • Eduk8 trainer




  • Honorary member of the Association since 2018
  • Vice-President of the National Board 2014/15 
  • Member of the national Board of Audit 2013/14, 2016-18 
  • Member of the national Legal Group since 2012 
  • Member of the FR Committee 2012/13 
  • Treasurer of ESNOLYMPICS 2013 
  • Member of SOS Team / Legal Team of ESN International since 2017 
  • Member of AGM AdvisoryTeam of ESN International since 2016 
  • Vice-Head OC AGM Warsaw 2016 
  • Member of the Finance Committee of ESN International since 2015 
  • Vice-Chair of AGM Thessaloniki 2019
  • Member of the ESN UKSW section since 2010, where she was, among others, Vice-President, President, long-term member of the Board of Audit.
  • One of the initiators of the introduction of the Audit Commission and Arbitratiion Board in ESN International and author of statutory changes. 
  • Long-term advisor to the ESN Poland National Boards and the sections, one of the initiators of the change in the legal form of ESN Poland, author of several statutory changes, continues to support the Association by providing advice and assistance.


  • Active member of ESN since December 2010
  • President of ESN AGH 2012/13
  • ESNcard Coordinator in ESN Poland 2013/14
  • ESNcard Coordinator in ESN AISBL 2014/15
  • President of ESN Poland 2014/15
  • Member of the national Audit Commission 2017/18
  • ESNsurvey Coordinator 2019
  • Vice-Chair of AGM Sweden 2020
  • Member of ESN Poland and ESN AISBL committees, project teams in ESN AISBL, controlling teams, ASAP Group (responsible for ESN Poland's structures analysis)
  • Trainer, Main Chair of multiple ESN statutory meetings, presenter, moderator of conferences, debates and galas
  • Co-founder of international cooperation among ESN AGH and other sections in the framework of  "Section Meeting" since 2013
  • Honorary Member of the Association since 2020