The year 2017 was special and unique for all members of ESN – exactly 30 years ago the Erasmus+ Programme, which started the era of international cooperation and integration across borders, was born. The programme is directly connected with the activities of our association – Erasmus Student Network. Over the years both the programme and the association have been developing and co-existed in order to achieve the form known today.


The Cracovian section ESN UEK facing such an important anniversary could not stay idle and that is why at the end of the jubilee year they decided to arrange an uproarious birthday party which the programme definitely deserved.


From the early morning the day of 13th December was devoted to cheerful celebration. During the day at the Cracow University of Economics’ campus a mobility fair was held. The event is the main plank of the Erasmus+ programme. During the fair students had the opportunity to acquire the large selection of the university’s exchange destinations, learn about particular countries and get enthusiastic towards developing of the world. How? Through listening to UEK’s globetrotters’ lectures who with humour and engagement shared their memories and experiences gained through amazing and unconventional journeys. For cuisine lovers, who prefer to learn about the world through their sense of taste, there were many flavoursome specialities from all over the globe such as Italian bruschetta and spicy chorizo.


The same day, during the evening, the celebration was held in much more official atmosphere. During the ceremonial gala at Best Western Premier hotel there gathered the representatives of the University, International Programme Office, local ESN sections and student organisations in order to share memories and visions concerning the Erasmus+ Programme. Inspiring and motivating conversations lasted till the end of the celebration when a cake and wishes for another 30 years of fruitful cooperation were shared.


The 30-years anniversary, though passed quickly, has left Kraków with many positive thoughts and hearts, even more world-open.