ABLE TO MOVie is an innovative project designed by the section ESN AGH which aims at promoting mobility among people with disabilities. The idea is to create a series of movies showing the life of students with disabilities during their Erasmus+ exchange. It also draws attention to the different facilities that help those students at university, bus stops, in the streets or out in the city. Those short movies are supposed to show students from Europe that despite various health-related and physical barriers, they can still participate in the international exchange programme at the universities which are appropriately adjusted to their needs. As for now, only the first episode is available; however, there are already plans for the next ones featuring the deaf, people with diabetes and with reduced mobility.

The project ABLE TO MOVie is carried out by the section from Cracow ESN AGH. Its production engages the section’s members for the scenario, making the movies and coordinating the works, and the participants of the Erasmus+ programme. In the first episode, the role of the blind person was taken on by a student from Turkey. During the movie, the audience gets to know the difficulties with which a blind person has to deal in their everyday life in Cracow, as well as the solutions which help them overcome those difficulties. At the end of the episode, the boy playing the role of the blind student tells the audience about his own feelings and reflections concerning the role, which was his first ever chance to experience the difficulties with which the blind presented. It’s very educative for everyone indeed, who, thanks to the project ABLE TO MOVie, can become more aware of and sensitive to the problems of others.

The project was conceived thanks to the commitment of 20 members of the section ESN AGH and their cooperation with the Office for Persons with Disabilities at their university. Because of this initiative, members of the section could better understand the needs of people with disabilities and, as a result, better prepare themselves for the arrival of such students to AGH.