ESN members from all over Europe meet several times in a year, during different more or less  formal occasions. The biggest and most important of it is the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is the main decision-making body of ESN International. All sections are invited to this prestigious conferential event, which means over 600 participants (together with the International Board, Committee Chairs, Project coordinators and guests) from all over Europe! The focus of the AGM is not only on the conferential part, but also on international cooperation and encouragement of an international dialogue and networking. 
This year’s AGM was hosted by united sections of Milano, Italy and took place from the 3rd to 7th of April 2014. The conference itself also offers a cultural program, so our Italian friends offered us a bunch of amazing activities during the whole weekend! 
We started on Thursday with an international parade - a traditional march of ESNers with their national flags and symbols. This inauguration presented one of best statements which describes ESN - unity in diversity, diversity in the unity.
All evenings were full with attractions, such as Eurodinner on Friday or a Pool Party in Aquaworld on Saturday. But truly, Sunday rocked the AGM! And to be honest, ESN Poland rocked the AGM as well! Everything started with the Alumni Award for the best cooperation with ESN Alumni that we shared with ESN Germany. Later, the next International Board has been elected  and again we have our representant - Robert Klimacki on the position of Communication Manager. 
The whole event finished with the ceremonial Star Awards Gala. Without any doubt, we can say that it has been the Polish evening! First of all, we were awarded the title of STARland for the best country in the Network! ESN UEK received a STARlight for the best section in Europe, ESN AON - the STARlogo for the best section logo and ESN UJ - secsSTAR for the cooperation with sections from Prague and Dresden. Polish sections were also placed second in three categories: Kraków United (secsSTAR), ESN PB (STARproject) and ESN UwB (STARter).
AGM Milano was definitely an unforgettable time for the whole ESN family. So many Polish accents during the whole event - we couldn't be more proud!