Erasmus Student Network is an organisation with the motto students helping students. However, our activities do not limit itself to international students, as proved by projects such as SocialErasmus or ExchangeAbility. We want to help everyone who needs help from volunteers.

In January this year, we established a partnership with the DKMS Poland Foundation, which aims to support those in need of physical, mental or emotional support, as well as promote science and research in stem cell transplantation and public health promotion. Thanks to the DKMS Foundation, people can help people with blood cancer by registering as potential bone marrow donors. ESN Poland promotes this activity, so, in agreement and with the support of the DKMS Poland Foundation, we organised Donor Day with ESN Poland at Polish Universities. Our goal was to raise awareness and knowledge about blood cancer (leukemia). We have provided information on how we can help fight this disease and we have registered potential bone marrow donors.

Between the 8th and 11th of May, we conducted Donor Day with ESN Poland at 22 universities in Poland. Every event had its’ own leader, who was responsible for the event at each university. Also, about 150 Erasmus Student Network volunteers helped with the event. Everybody interested had the opportunity to talk about the fight against blood cancer, they could learn more and dispel any doubts about becoming a donor. During these days, it was very important for us to face stereotypes that still negatively affect people’s objective view of being a bone marrow donor. Within a few days we managed to register over a thousand potential bone marrow donors!

We want everyone to be aware that leukemia can affect any one of us, regardless of age, gender or nationality, and help the person suffering from blood cancer is invaluable. We are not indifferent to show how much we care about helping those who need support.

Below is a list of people, without which this event would not have taken place:

UP (Wrocław) - Klaudia Buraczyńska
ESN UŚ (Katowice) - Anna Gurgul
ESN UW (Warsaw) - Justyna Astriap
ESN PK (Cracow) - Janusz Mączka
ESN UwB (Białystok) - Dominika Młynek
ESN-EYE (Łódź) - Adrian Piotrowski
ESSN UE (Katowice) - Helena Janik
ESN UŁ (Łódź) - Weronika Krawczyk
ESN UKW (Bydgoszcz) - Emil Stróżyk
ESSN ASP (Cracow) - Tomek Różak
ESN Gdańsk - Monika Wiśniewska
ESN LUT (Lublin) - Joanna Samulak
ESN Łazarski (Warsaw) - Joanna Kanabus
ESN PB (Białystok) - Anna Dąbrowska
ESN PW (Warsaw) - Martyna Kania
ESN SGGW (Warszawa) - Dominika Szymańska
ESN SUT (Gliwice) - Angelika Stadnikiewicz
ESN UAM (Poznań) - Paulina Fularczyk
ESN UEK (Cracow) - Agnieszka Mach
ESN UG (Gdańsk) - Monika Spychała
ESN UKSW (Warsaw) - Julia Cendrowska
ESN UMCS (Lublin) - Michał Chmielewski
ESN AGH (Cracow) - Hubert Put

Coordinator of the national level - Monika Milewska (ESN PK Cracow)