During the third weekend of October (14-17.11.2019) Poznań was dominated by positive energy coming from the representatives of local Erasmus Student Network sections. What for? To educate and integrate! 


ESN UPGRADE is a biannual national training event. It’s dedicated for new members of ESN, who can enhance their competence by participating in workshops concerning activity in student organization. 

Due to members of ESN Poznań United (ESN Adam Mickiewicz University, ESN Poznań University of Economics and Business, ESN WSB University) headed by Karol Smolarek, the participants were transported to an intriguing, Old Polish realm inspired by the Witcher saga (A. Sapkowski). 

For 3 days of intensive workshops the participants gained knowledge and experience on 1 of 4 educational trails of their choosing:

  • School of the Cat (new members) - aimed at showing the possibilities an NGO can give and giving an energy & motivation boost,
  • School of the Viper (communication) - addressed to people curious about the secrets behind creating content and effective ways of reaching the target audience,
  • School of the Bear (social) - focused on efficient teamwork methods, time management and proper human resources allocation,
  • School of the Griffin (project) - helping to understand the stages of conducting a project, their optimization and effective ways of acquiring partners.

Additionally, participants took part in a workshop concerning Design Thinking as a part of “PFR Innovation Designers”, powered by Google.

Thanks to events such as UPGRADE members of ESN come back to their sections full of new ideas, inspiration and motivation to work further under the mission of “Students helping students”. Now, they can spread the knowledge gained during the workshops and use it everyday, for example, when creating events for international students, making their teams work in a more efficient way or planning promotion. 


The impressions about this event are best represented by the opinions of participants, instructors and organizers of ESN UPGRADE:

UPGRADE for me is giving back what I have received in the past. It allowed me to confront my ideas with reality - Bartek Kowalik, instructor from Communication Trail.

Befriending new people, clearing up some doubts, getting answers to questions that intrigued me for a long time and a boost of motivation and positive energy - that’s what UPGRADE has given me! - Agnieszka Kowalczyk, participant of Social Trail. 

I am proud to organize such a huge event. UPGRADE has taught me what support means - the true meaning of TEAMWORK - Mateusz Miś, one of the organizers. 

You can develop yourself as well! 
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