He likely learnt you riding a bike or picking you up from the trainings.More than once he supported you on your matches and tournaments. I am sure, that you know who I am talking about. So please, remind your father’s face now and think about everything what you received from him. There are many memories,aren’t they?​

Today we celebrate Father’s Day in Poland . It is nothing strange for foreigners, as in the other part of the world, people also practice it. But what about the beginning of this celebration? The first local Father’s Day, happened in the small village in America in 1910, as a result of a war veteran’s daughter, who wanted to honor her dad. She claimed that the fathers also deserve their own day, as well as mothers, because they are the part of the family to the same extent. However, the official holiday was established by president Nixon in 1972. 
Polish prime celebration was held in 1965, few years in earlier than in America. Probably the way of spending that day are the same all over the world. Kiddies give their fathers drawings, teenagers buy a small gift and adult children just take care of those, who hugged them several years before.
How do you surprise your daddy this year?