Each vote in the upcoming European Parliament election counts, especially yours. By participating and casting your vote you decide who will shape your city, your country and Europe in your name. Active citizenship is the right of every  and each one of us. Everybody, who is at least 18 years old on the day of elections – at 26th May 2019, is eligible to vote.
On 26th May cast your vote and let’s create a better Europe together.
Show others that you’re voting and join the event!

How to vote in the next European elections when you’re abroad?

There is a possibility to vote for all European students staying in Poland on the day of the European elections. Check how to be able to vote away from your legal residence address:
To see where the nearest polling station to your place of residence in Poland is, visit: Polling district search engine.
Useful tips
1.  Remember to bring your passport or ID – Electoral Commission are obliged to check our identity. Driver’s licenses, student ID cards or any other type of card you have in your wallet won’t do it this time.
2.  In order to obtain a ballot you need to approach a designated stand of the Electoral Commission, show a valid identity card and sign in the specified place.
3.  You vote by marking a “X” sign in the box next to the name of your chosen candidate. Then you approach the voting urn and put your ballot in.
If you’re still unsure about  participating in the elections, remember that the European Parliament takes part in creating legislative acts passed in Europe, ensures that human and consumer rights are being honoured and takes care of the environment. Moreover, it is the most transparent EU authority and Members of the European Parliament must show sources of their income as well as their assets. Additionally, when making decisions MEPs usually take into consideration their own worldview and not coalition agreements. European Elections is a chance to choose the people who will represent you and your beliefs.