The Exchange Zone project is a theme-based meeting connecting different academic groups of local and foreign students, members of ESN, mentors and academic coordinators of the Erasmus+ programme. The goal of the project is to promote mobility among students of AGH University of Science and Technology as well as integration of Polish and Erasmus students. The idea of the event are regular, theme-based meetings focused on one chosen country, its culture, customs, traditions, cuisine, music and dance. They consist mainly of two parts:

Part I

Presentation of a chosen country prepared by foreign students doing their Erasmus at AGH, where they present their country from an insider’s perspective. The next presentation is held by an AGH student who took part in an exchange programme in that country, followed by a presentation of a student  who participated in the Erasmus+ internship there. In this way, Polish students get to know the beauty of the country as well as receive practical advice from their peers. The last element of this part is an presentation by the academic Erasmus+ Ambassador who gives the most important information about exchanges and internships such as application deadlines and types of required documents.

Part II

Bringing culture closer through senses. Depending on the country different forms of traditional culture elements are being presented – dancing, singing or martial arts. The participants of the event can get to know the country through its taste thanks to a buffet prepared by foreign students and members of ESN. Guests can taste traditional dishes and ask about their recipes and method of preparing. 

Sonia Łomnicka