1. What does ESN mean to you?
ESN is a playground where you can play with your strengths, weaknesses, experience and skills. In this playground, everything is possible and everyone wants to join you in this game. I can’t imagine how my life would look like if I wouldn’t join it in the first weeks of my studies.
2. How did your ESN adventure start?
I got to know about ESN from a Buddy. Beginnings where hard as I didn’t know anyone and was just starting my studies, I even wanted to resigne from ESN, because I thought it wasn’t a place for me aaaaand I was completely wrong! It’s the fundraising area that interested me the most and was one of the reasons I stayed. I also got to have a Mentor who introduced me to everything and made it possible for me to grow within ESN. 

3. How did ESN change your life? Why have you joined it?
If I would have to compare myself from the time when I joined ESN with who I am today I would say that I’m not lost anymore. Back then I was searching for many answers and looking for directions in life which ESN gave me. 

4. If you were an ESN project, what would you be?
Definitely National Erasmus Games (NEG)! Since the beginning of my ESN career I was co-orginising this project, firstly on the local than on the national level. It has introduced me to one of the best people I know and brought me many unforgettable memories. It’s also the core of ESN - helping our Erasmus students on their Erasmus+ adventure. 

5. #FunFact about a life in ESN.
I was living three years abroad and was attending a multicultural school what had somehow introduced me to the life in ESN. 

6. Did you go on the Erasmus+ exchange? / What is the most interesting experience you had so far?
No, I wasn’t attending the Erasmus+ Programme yet. 

7. What inspires and motivates you the most?
Helping other people is what drives me the most. It can be either by organising events that can help them in making the right decisions afterwards or just giving a helping hand in day-to-day tasks. My second motivation is reaching the impossible. 

8. Favourite place in the world?
I love sitting in the forest by the lake and just enjoying the silence and the nature life.

9. Did ESN help you discover some things you didn’t know you were good at?
Without no doubt I can say that yes, ESN helped me find what drives me the most, improve my presentation and training skills. It also gave me a chance to improve my negotiation and many other soft skills which I use to this day.