Between 20th and 23th  March 2014 in Gdansk took place training and integration camp for new members of ESN called Świeżynki .
The first day started with a short integration, but the most important points of the day were presentations of companies such as Jeronimo Martins, Thomson Reuters, EY and meeting with Marek Piechocki - owner of a brand LPP, which told how to achieve a success.
Saturday and Sunday were days of training. ‘Świeżynki’ took part in specially prepared for them trainings in the field of HR and FR. As a result, they could get to know secrets of human resources management, effective communication and feedback , well-conducted recruitment, fund-raising and negotiations with the sponsors.
On Friday, to the participants of UPgrade in Gdansk joined members of national committees , such as PR, HR, IT, InterKom, who came for KoMit.
This time, ESN Gdańsk which was organaizing section had to accommodate a lot of people, because in addition to the previously mentioned ‘Świeżynki’ and members of the committees,  also took place specially prepared training for coordinators of ESNcard.
Participants couldn’t complain for a boredom. ESN Gdańsk took care of many attractions. Thanks to their efforts we were able to watch the bartender show or go to one of the best clubs in Poland, called Dream Club.
Just like at every meeting, we had a chance to have fun on a  thematic party, so on Saturday we all went to the Club Atelier for a Greek party.The climate of Greece was present everywhere , especially in the costumes of participants of the event, the main point of that evening was fire show.
All good things come to end really quickly. And definitely we can this about meeting in Gdańsk. But soon we will have another opportunity to meet, this time at AGM in Milan.