The Research and Development Team is a structure responsible for conducting, analyzing and interpreting research in the ESN Poland Association. The team undertakes activities related to the evaluation of the structures of the ESN Poland Association on the basis of the data provided by the ESN Poland Board, National Coordinators and independently conducted analyzes. The R&D team is also an advisory organ in matters related to the survey and parameterization within the Association.

The Team's activities to date include: preparation of reports for the Partnership Manager, valuation of advertising media of the ESN Poland Association, analysis of the quality of life, the structure of expenses and satisfaction of foreign Erasmus+ students staying in Poland.

Thanks to the highly analytical members of the R&D team, we help to efficiently go through the whole research process. We are always ready to serve our knowledge and advice - the world of surveys and analyzes is nothing new to us and we would like the whole organization to take advantage of it.