You’re probably wondering what could possibly surprise you during your Erasmus stay in Poland. It all depends on the distance between the place you’re coming from and Poland ;)
On December 5th, president of ESN Poland, Agata Lech, participated in celebrations of 30 years of Erasmus Program at the University of Lodz during the Academic Day of Diversity, which is a part of the University Diversity project.
The aim of the “Paint Happiness” project was to renovate one of the walls in “Domkultury!” community centre in Toruń.
ABLE TO MOVie is an innovative project designed by the section ESN AGH which aims at promoting mobility among people with disabilities.
Christmas in Poland is a truly magical time, full of deeply rooted traditions and an unique atmosphere. It is a season during which all disputes and resentment disappear and we become one big family.
He likely learnt you riding a bike or picking you up from the trainings.More than once he supported you on your matches and tournaments.
What matters to me is a (legal) personality
Handmade postcard, lovely poem, field flowers… this way we were celebrating the day of the most important person in our life.